Assisted Living Facilities And Standards Of Care

Assisted Living Facilities And Standards Of Care

Unlike nursing homes, assisted living communities are not subject to federal regulations. Diane and her guests explore the history of the industry and new questions about the care these facilities provide.

For the elderly who are unable to live alone but don’t want a nursing home, assisted living can seem like a nice alternative. Many feel they can still have independence in communities that have the look and feel of an apartment complex, rather than a hospital. Since the first one opened 20 years ago, the number of assisted living facilities has exploded. Nearly 750,000 Americans call them home. But unlike nursing homes, assisted living facilities are not federally regulated, leaving them subject to a patchwork of state and local laws. Diane and her guests discuss new questions about assisted living.


Dr. Joanne Lynn

geriatrician, hospice physician and director of the Altarum Institute Center on Elder Care and Advanced Illness.

Larry Minnix

CEO of LeadingAge.

Becky Kurtz

director of the Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs at Health and Human Services.

A.C. Thompson

reporter, ProPublica and PBS/Frontline. He is the correspondent for the PBS/Frontline story "Life and Death in Assisted Living" and the author of a four-part series by the same name for ProPublica.

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