The Latest On Increasing Violence In Egypt

The Latest On Increasing Violence In Egypt

Egyptian authorities have unleashed the deadliest attack on Islamist protesters since that country's uprising in 2011. Diane and her guests discuss the latest on the bloody crackdown and what's next for Egypt.

After a weekend of violence in which at least 83 people were killed in Cairo, Egypt's new foreign minister has urged restraint. More than 260 people have been killed since the July 3 coup that deposed President Mohammed Morsi. Saturday’s attack came after millions took to the streets to show support for the military. Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi had called for the protests against Morsi backers who are holding sit-in camps in downtown Cairo. Meanwhile, foreign pressure is building on the military to return to a democratically-elected government. Diane and her guests discuss what’s next for Egypt and look at new Mideast peace talks.


Robin Wright

analyst and joint fellow, U.S. Institute of Peace and Woodrow Wilson International Center
author of "Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World."

Hisham Melhem

Washington bureau chief of Al-Arabiya News Channel.

Samer Shehata

associate professor of Middle East politics at the University of Oklahoma. Author of "Islamist Politics in the Middle East: Movements and Change"

Nancy Youssef

Middle East bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers.

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