Wellness Programs In The Workplace

Wellness Programs In The Workplace

A growing number of companies are pushing employees to join programs that monitor obesity, blood pressure and heart health. Diane and her guests discuss the effectiveness of wellness programs.

From flu shots to smoking cessation programs to weight loss challenges, the workplace is increasingly becoming a place for wellness. These initiatives aim to keep insurance costs down, as Americans struggle with chronic disease, and improve the health of employees. For some companies, these programs are voluntary. Others have implemented incentives—or penalties—to get employees on board. And now under the Affordable Care Act, employers can charge higher premiums to employees who don’t sign up. Diane and her guests discuss the effectiveness of wellness in the workplace programs.


Susan Dentzer

senior policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and on-air analyst on health issues for the PBS NewsHour.

Ron Goetzel

research professor and director of the Emory University Institute for Health and Productivity Studies and vice president of consulting and applied research for Truven Health Analytics.

JoAnn Volk

research professor and project director at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute.

Maria Ghazal

vice president for the Business Roundtable.

Dr. Paul Terpeluk

medical director for employee health services at the Cleveland Clinic.

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