Managing The Nation's Electricity Needs

Managing The Nation's Electricity Needs

The recent heat wave across much of the U.S. has put new strains on the nation's electricity suppliers. Efforts by power companies to keep up with demand.

With scorching temperatures across the country, millions of American home and business owners are running their air conditioners full bore. Utilities have strained to meet the surge in demand for electricity. Outages have occurred here and there, particularly in the densely populated Northeast. But for the most part, demand has been met. Some utility executives credit a government-encouraged program called demand-response. It rewards customers for reducing power usage at peak times. We discuss the merits and pitfalls of the program and other efforts to manage the nation's power grid.


Jon Wellinghoff

chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Coral Davenport

energy and environment correspondent for National Journal.

John Shelk

president and CEO of the Electric Power Supply Association.

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