Health Insurance Exchanges

Health Insurance Exchanges

Open enrollment for health insurance through state exchanges begins Oct. 1. The push to get the systems up and running and Americans signed up.

Advocacy groups across the country have launched major campaigns to promote President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. The aim is to inform uninsured Americans about health insurance exchanges and government subsidies -- and persuade them to sign up. Open enrollment in the new programs begins Oct. 1, 2013. It's estimated that more than 75 percent of uninsured Americans are not aware of the changes ahead. A government report released yesterday questioned whether the exchanges would be ready. Critics of the Obama health law said the report confirmed their doubts. Diane and guests talk about implementing the Affordable Care Act.


Ron Pollack

executive director of Families USA, a national non-profit organization for health care consumers.

Julie Rovner

health policy correspondent for NPR and author of "Health Care Policy and Politics A-Z."

Joseph Antos

Wilson H. Taylor scholar in health care and retirement policy at the American Enterprise Institute; a commissioner of the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission; a health adviser to the Congressional Budget Office.

Rebecca Pearce

executive director of Maryland Health Connection, Maryland's state-based exchange.

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