High Stakes Battle Over Judicial Appointments

High Stakes Battle Over Judicial Appointments

President Barack Obama nominates three candidates to the D.C. federal appeals court. Diane and her guests discuss how the fight over appointing judges could set the stage for a battle over the filibuster in the Senate.

A summer battle is brewing. This week, a combative President Obama named three new candidates to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He highlighted the large number of vacancies on the D.C. circuit, whose influence is considered second only to the Supreme Court. Aides say the president is exasperated by Republican efforts to block his appointments. If the nominees are not confirmed quickly, Democrats are threatening to re-write Senate rules -- effectively ending the G.O.P.’s ability to filibuster nominees. Critics accuse the president of trying to “pack the court” and warn that changing filibuster rules could backfire on democrats. Diane and her guest discuss the battle over filling judicial vacancies.


Michael Scherer

White House correspondent for Time magazine.

Nan Aron

president of Alliance for Justice.

Stuart Taylor

author and journalist

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