Who Benefits From College And Why

Who Benefits From College And Why

New research suggests the college-for-all approach needs revision. Understanding who benefits from college and why.

For years the mantra has been: get a college degree if you possibly can. It’s true that the benefits of a college degree generally outweigh the costs, but given the price, many students and their families are taking a closer look. Authors of a new report from the Brookings Institution conclude that college may not be the best investment for certain schools, specific fields of study, occupations and individuals. Those who start but don’t finish college seem to pay a particularly high price. The value of a bachelor’s degree and its alternatives for the 21st century's labor market.


Isabel Sawhill

senior fellow of economic studies at The Brookings Institution.

Nina Marks

president of Collegiate Directions Inc., and principal of Marks Education.

Robert Lerman

professor of economics at American University and fellow at Urban Institute.

Should Everyone Go To College?

Research and infographics by Brookings Institution. Reprinted here by permission of Brookings Institution. All rights reserved.

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