The Latest On The Boston Investigation And The Limits Of Security

The Latest On The Boston Investigation And The Limits Of Security

The latest on the investigation into the deadly Boston explosions and new questions on the limits of security.

Profound sadness and unanswered questions mark reactions to Monday’s deadly explosions near the finish of the Boston Marathon. Three people died and dozens more were critically wounded. The FBI and Boston police are appealing to the public to share any and all images and recollections which could be helpful in the investigation. Some clues have emerged, but experts warn breakthroughs in the case may be hard to come by. Meanwhile security procedures in public places around the country are being reviewed. Please join us for an update on the investigation and a discussion on assessing risk and summoning resilience in the face of trauma.


Philip Mudd

senior research fellow at the New America Foundation, former deputy director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center and former deputy director of the FBI National Security Branch.

Dr. Alan Newman

associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Gary LaFree

professor and director at the University of Maryland National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism.

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