Amity Gaige: "Schroder"

Author Amity Gaige 
 - (Photo Credit: Anita Licis-Ribak)

Author Amity Gaige

(Photo Credit: Anita Licis-Ribak)

Amity Gaige: "Schroder"

A new novel explores whether a person whose life is built on lies can be a good and loving parent.

Lives built on lies and secrets rarely have happy endings. A new novel by Amity Gaige explores the nature of truth and identity. Her main character comes to the U.S. from East Germany while he was just a boy. He lies about his identity to win a scholarship to a New England summer camp. The lies seem harmless at first, and they help liberate him from his immigrant past and the pain of leaving his mother behind. But one lie leads to another and soon we have a man who is trapped in a fictional identity. When he kidnaps his beloved 6-year-old daughter during a custody fight, his lies lead to tragic consequences. Amity Gaige discusses "Schroder," a novel about truth, love and obsession.


Amity Gaige

author of the novels "O My Darling" and "The Folded World," and a Fulbright recipient and visiting writer at Amherst College.

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From the book "Schroder." Copyright (c) 2013 by Amity Gaige. Reprinted by permission of Twelve/Hachette Book Group, New York, NY.
All rights reserved.

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