President Obama's Second Term Agenda

President Obama's Second Term Agenda

As President Obama is sworn in for a second term he faces battles over the debt ceiling, gun violence and immigration. Diane and her guests discuss the president's agenda for the next four years.

President Obama’s second inaugural address outlined a liberal vision for his last term in office. He linked the struggle for civil rights and women’s rights to the debate over same-sex marriage. He also promised to address immigration and climate change. But much of the president’s proposed agenda will require action from an often hostile Congress. And while a new proposal from Congressional Republicans may extend the nation’s borrowing authority for three months, more fiscal battles lie ahead. The president’s speech also suggests the Nobel Peace Prize winner will pursue a modest foreign policy agenda over the next four years. Diane and her guests discuess President Obama’s second term.


Mark Landler

current White House correspondent and former diplomatic correspondent for The New York Times.

Mara Liasson

national political correspondent for National Public Radio and a contributor at Fox News Channel

Michael Dimock

director, Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

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