Federal And State Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence

Federal And State Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence

New York lawmakers agree on tighter gun control laws. President Barack Obama is expected to announce broad action to curb gun violence later this week. An update on federal and state gun control efforts.

Later this morning President Obama is scheduled to announce his proposals reduce gun violence in this country. He’s expected to highlight the need for better background checks, limits on the sale of high capacity magazines and a new ban on assault weapons. His push comes a month after the mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. New York is the first state to take action in the aftermath of that tragedy. A new law signed yesterday by Governor Andrew Cuomo imposes new restrictions on gun ownership and it strengthens rules to prevent mentally ill people from gaining access to guns. Please join us for an update on federal and state efforts to reduce gun violence


Jon Cohen

director, polling, Capital Insight, the independent polling group of the Washington Post

Fawn Johnson

correspondent, National Journal magazine.

Richard Feldman

president, Independent Firearm Owners Association

Ladd Everitt

director of communications, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Congressman Jim Langevin

2nd Congressional District, Rhode Island (Democrat)

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