Debate Over Ways To Improve School Safety

Debate Over Ways To Improve School Safety

Last week's tragedy in Connecticut prompts new questions about how to keep students safe at school: What parents, administrators, and safety experts think should be done to improve security.

Last week’s horrific attack inside a Connecticut elementary school has sent a wave of anxiety among parents across the country. Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut had a very good security system in place, and the teachers and staff there were well trained, but no system and no amount of training can create a completely secure environment. By every measure students are safer in school than anywhere else. Still, many parents are asking if schools in their own neighborhoods have adequate protections in place for their students: Please join us to discuss school safety.


Kenneth Trump

president of National School Safety Services.

Lucinda Roy

alumni and distinguished professor at Virginia Tech, and author of the novel "Lady Moses" and several poetry books.

Christine Bailor

safety and security coordinator for Henrico County Public Schools.

David Osher

vice president of the American Institutes for Research (AIR), AIR Institute fellow and co-director of the Human and Social Development Program.

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