Stephen Porter: The World Of Claude Debussy

 - (Stephen Porter)

(Stephen Porter)

Stephen Porter: The World Of Claude Debussy

American classical pianist Stephen Porter joins Diane to discuss the life and music of French composer Claude Debussy.

Classical composer Claude Debussy was born to a working class French family in 1862. A child prodigy, Debussy entered the Paris conservatory at age 10. He challenged the musical orthodoxy of his teachers there, choosing unusual harmonies that were widely frowned upon. His 24 preludes were revolutionary and reflected the Impressionist movement swirling around him. And a visit to the Paris World's Fair exposed Debussy to music from Japan and India. This experience profoundly influenced his compositions. Diane discusses the music of Claude Debussy with American classical pianist Stephen Porter.


Stephen Porter

American classical pianist

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Listen to Stephen Porter play some of Claude Debussy's compositions:

La Terrasse des Audiences du Clair de Lune (The Terrace for Moonlight Audiences)

Voiles (Sails)

Canope (Egyptian Funerary Urn Cover)

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