Key House And Senate Contests To Watch

Key House And Senate Contests To Watch

Political stakes are high in a number of House and Senate races across the country. A look at key contests to watch and how the outcomes could shape the new Congress.

Currently Republicans dominate Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives 240-190. In the Senate, Democrats have a 53-47 majority. Most political analysts believe the GOP will continue to hold the House after the November elections. But the Senate is in play. If President Obama wins reelection, Democrats can lose no more than three Senate seats to maintain control. Republicans would need to gain four Senate seats to take control. Diane and her guests examine key congressional contests across the country - and the effects of super PAC money, redistricting and campaign gaffes.


Susan Davis

chief congressional reporter, USA Today.

Charlie Cook

columnist for National Journal, and editor and publisher of the "Cook Political Report."

Heidi Przybyla

congressional reporter, Bloomberg News.

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