Manufacturing And Regulations

Manufacturing And Regulations

An industry report says manufacturers are overburdened with rules. But health, safety and environmental watchdogs argue regulations are not strict enough. The role of regulations in the U.S. economy.

One of the hottest issues in the presidential election is American manufacturing. Both President Barack Obama and his presumptive GOP rival Mitt Romney argue they are the candidate to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. But some say challenges remain that could stifle manufacturing’s growth, including stiff federal regulations. An industry report says major regulations –- those costing more than $100 million -- could reduce output in 2012 by up to $500 billion. And watchdog groups argue this does not take into account the health, safety and environmental benefits of regulations. A panel joins Diane to discuss different perspectives on manufacturing and regulation.


Stephen Gold

president of Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.

Rena Steinzor

president of the Center for Progressive Reform and professor of law at the University of Maryland.

Ro Khanna

former deputy assistant Commerce Secretary and author of the new book, “Entrepreneurial Nation: Why Manufacturing is Still Key to America’s Future.”

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