Dennis Drabelle: "The Great American Railroad War"

Dennis Drabelle: "The Great American Railroad War"

The story of the Central Pacific Railroad, two writers -- Ambrose Bierce and Frank Norris -- and their battle in print against one of America's most powerful corporations.

The Central Pacific Railroad, America’s first Transcontinental Railroad, revolutionized the way Americans traveled, communicated and did business. But it was also a hotbed of corruption and greed. A new book tells the story of two American writers who took on the Central Pacific with the power of the pen. Journalist Ambrose Bierce, nicknamed “Bitter Bierce,” exposed the railroad’s corruption using satire and wit. And Frank Norris, a novelist, wrote of the warring relationship between California wheat farmers and the railroad trust. Together, they revealed the dark side of this American powerhouse. Diane talks with the author about this nineteenth century monopoly and two writers who challenged it.


Dennis Drabelle

author and contributing editor and mysteries editor for The Washington Post Book World.

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Excerpt from "The Great American Railroad War" by Dennis Drabelle. Copyright 2012 by Dennis Drabelle. Reprinted here by permission of St. Martin's Press. All rights reserved.

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