New Concerns Over Air Traffic Safety

New Concerns Over Air Traffic Safety

Recent accounts of near collisions. Ensuring the safety of air travel as traffic increases and the Federal Aviation Administration transitions to a new control system.

Details have come to light regarding two potentially dangerous air traffic control errors. One incident which took place last year involved the near collision of an American Airlines jet and a military cargo plane off the coast of New York. Last week at Washington’s Reagan National Airport three commuter planes came perilously close to one another. The U.S. airline industry has had a remarkably strong safety record, but some say details of these recent incidents point to strains in the system. Please join us to discuss efforts to maintain airline safety, the growth of regional carriers, and what other trends in the airline industry mean for air travelers.


Ray LaHood

U.S. Secretary of Transportation and former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives.

Ashley Halsey III

transportation reporter for The Washington Post.

William McGee

author of "Attention All Passengers: The Airline's Dangerous Descent - And How To Reclaim Our Skies" and former travel journalist for Consumer Reports.

John Cox

aviation consultant and president of Safety Operating Systems.

Captain Lee Moak

president of the Air Line Pilots Association, International.

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