Widespread Drought And Water Shortages

Widespread Drought And Water Shortages

New data show more than half of the United States is experiencing moderate to extreme drought. Weather patterns, water shortages and crop prices.

The U.S. is experiencing its most widespread drought in more than fifty years. In its monthly report, the National Climatic Data Center reported more than half the country was in moderate to extreme drought at the end of June. Farmers are losing crops and pastures at alarming rates, especially in the nation’s corn and soybean belt. The Department of Agriculture declared a thousand counties in twenty-six states as natural disaster areas. Many fear the drought will get worse before it gets better. What this could mean for food costs, the nation’s water supplies and weather patterns across the globe.


Raghu Murtugudde

professor from the University of Maryland.

Coral Davenport

energy and environment correspondent for National Journal.

Brian Fuchs

climatologist at the National Drought Mitigation Center.

Joseph Glauber

Chief Economist at the Department of Agriculture.

Alan Bjerga

agricultural reporter for Bloomberg News.

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