Results of the Greek Elections and the Future of the Euro Zone

Results of the Greek Elections and the Future of the Euro Zone

Europe is in a state of anxiety over the future of the euro zone. Greek election results and new measures in England, Spain and elsewhere to ease the economic crisis.

Greek voters gave tepid approval yesterday to the conservative political party that supports austerity measures to address the nation's economic meltdown. Euro zone leaders welcomed the New Democracy party's win, expressing hope it can put Greece back on a path of growth. And financial markets surged briefly after months of dismal news from Athens. But the party's narrow victory means hard work is still ahead. Many say it's unlikely New Democracy will be able to pull together a coalition to form a new government. Guest host Susan Page and her panel discuss what it all means for Greece, the euro zone and the U.S. economy.


Markus Ziener

U.S. correspondent for Handelsblatt, a leading German-language business newspaper.

Zanny Minton Beddoes

economics editor, The Economist; formerly, economist at the International Monetary Fund.

Nicholas Karambelas

legal counsel for the American Hellenic Institute.

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