New Voter ID Laws And The 2012 Elections

New Voter ID Laws And The 2012 Elections

Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania are among the states with new tighter voter ID rules. Please join us to talk about what’s behind these new restrictions and the possible impact on the 2012 election results.

Last week county election officials in Florida said they would stop looking for possible ineligible voters because the data base they were using was outdated and inaccurate. The U.S. Department of Justice also had ordered the state to stop the purge on the grounds that it was taking place within 90 days of an election. State leaders in Florida have vowed to find another way to remove ineligible voters from their rolls. The skirmish in the state of Florida is just one of many elsewhere around the country: Last year new voter ID measures were introduced in thirty-four states and they passed in four. Four other states tightened existing ID rules. Please join us to talk about ongoing partisan battles over voter rights.


Wendy Weiser

director, Democracy Program, Brennan Center for Justice

Hans Von Spakovsky

senior legal fellow, Heritage Foundation and manager of Civil Justice Reform Initiative

Doug Chapin

director, at the University of Minnesota

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