Wisconsin Recall Results

Wisconsin Recall Results

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived an attempt to oust him from office after he stripped collective bargaining rights from public employees. Join Diane and guests as they discuss what it could mean for unions across the country and the 2012 presidential race.

Governor Scott Walker survived an attempt to oust him from office. Wisconsin voters also gave him a place in history: It was the first time a U.S. governor has won a recall election. The recall campaign came about after the Republican governor stripped away collective bargaining rights for public workers. Walker's win was a blow for Democrats and unions. Republicans say their victory shows voters want leaders who will make tough fiscal decisions. Whether the Wisconsin results are a bellwether for the 2012 presidential race remains to be seen.


Chris Cillizza

author of The Fix, a Washington Post politics blog, managing editor of PostPolitics.com and author of the book, "The Gospel According to The Fix."

Molly Ball

staff writer for The Atlantic.

Craig Gilbert

Washington bureau chief, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Douglas Belkin

reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

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