Touch-Screen Devices And Very Young Children

Touch-Screen Devices And Very Young Children

Parents are increasingly allowing their very young children to play with iPads, iPhones and other touch-screen devices. Please join us for a conversation about interactive applications and brain development.

Very young children, like many of their parents, can become totally absorbed with mobile touch-screen devices. Some argue that compared to the essentially passive activity of watching television, children and even toddlers using i-Pads, i-Phones, Androids and other kinds of touch-screen devices can have a far more stimulating, positive and educational experience. But parents and their children are way ahead of any research: No one can say for sure how using this technology shapes developing brains,if at all. Please join us for a conversation on young children and touch-screen devices.


Lisa Guernsey

director, Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation

Ben Worthen

reporter, Wall Street Journal

Heather Kirkorian

assistant professor, human development and family studies, University of Wisconsin , Madison

Liz Perle

editor in chief, Common Sense Media `

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