The Edwards Trial and Campaign Finance Laws

The Edwards Trial and Campaign Finance Laws

Former presidential candidate John Edwards is on trial for misuse of funds to pay his mistress. We discuss the Edwards case and campaign finance laws with guest host Tom Gjelten of NPR and a panel of experts.

The criminal trial against former presidential candidate and senator, John Edwards, is nearing an end. Today in a Greensboro, North Carolina, courtroom, the prosecution and defense are presenting closing arguments. Edwards has been charged with six felony counts for violated campaign finance rules concerning nearly $1 million dollars from two wealthy supporters, spent to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 election. The case is full of melodrama. It is also one of the first to test the uncertainty of campaign finance rules. A panel of legal and campaign experts join guest host Tom Gjelten to discuss what the verdict could mean for money and politics in an election year.


Ruth Marcus

columnist and editorial writer, The Washington Post.

Jan Baran

head of the election law group at Wiley Rein LLP; former general counsel to the Republican National Committee; author, "The Election Law Primer for Corporations."

Meredith McGehee

policy director at the Campaign Legal Center and principal of McGehee Strategies.

Steven Friedland

professor of law, Elon University School of Law; former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

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