Showdown In The Euro Zone

Showdown In The Euro Zone

Diane and her guests discuss political paralysis in Greece, a worsening crisis in Spain, and a setback for Angela Merkel in Germany. The fate of the euro hangs in the balance as EU finance ministers meet for a high-stakes summit.

Greece says it will hold new elections as talks failed to produce a coalition government. That news came this morning. Yesterday, European markets dropped amid concerns that Greece’s departure from the euro was near. French President Francois Hollande meets with Angela Merkel tonight to discuss the crisis. The German chancellor says a state election defeat for her party won’t weaken her emphasis on budget discipline. But German policy makers are hinting at some flexibility on austerity. Meanwhile, Spain’s attempts to clean up its banking system might not be enough to build confidence. Diane and her guests talk about a showdown in the euro zone.


Zanny Minton Beddoes

economics editor, The Economist; formerly, economist at the International Monetary Fund.

Jacob Kirkegaard

research fellow, Peterson Institute and senior associate, Rhodium Group, a New York-based research firm.

Christina Bergmann

senior correspondent, Deutsche Welle

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