U.S. Role In Afghanistan

U.S. Role In Afghanistan

Following President Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan on the first anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden by American special forces, Diane and panelists discuss the U.S.-Afghanistan strategic partnership and America's role there after 2014.

In a speech from Kabul last night President Obama pledged not to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan a single day longer than necessary, but he vowed, “to finish the job”. To date more than 1,800 members of the U.S. military have died following the U.S. invasion in late 2001. In a risky night time raid in Pakistan one year ago Osama bin Laden was killed. Ending bin Laden's ability to lead a global terrorist network was the initial rationale for sending troops into Afghanistan. Please join us to talk about new questions about the U.S. exit from Afghanistan


Michael Hirsh

chief correspondent, National Journal magazine; author of "Capital Offense: How Washington's Wise Men Turned America's Future Over to Wall Street."

Lawrence Korb

senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and former assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration.

Max Boot

senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of "War Made New" (Gotham Books)

Omar Samad

senior Afghanistan expert, US Institute of Peace,
former Afghan ambassador to France (2009-2011) and Canada (2004-2009) and Foreign ministry spokesman in Kabul (2001-2004).

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