Wrap-up of Affordable Care Act Hearings

Wrap-up of Affordable Care Act Hearings

In one of its longest sessions ever, the Supreme Court will hear six hours of argument over three days on the Affordable Care Act. After the session concludes on Wednesday, join Diane and guests for a wrap up of the arguments, and a guide to what happens next.

One of the most closely watched legal cases in decades wrapped up yesterday afternoon. Ahead of this week’s Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act, people lined up all weekend hoping to secure one of the few seats open to the public. The historic nature of the case, and its possible political ramifications, have attracted much attention. A ruling is not expected until late June at the earliest – right in the middle of the presidential election campaign. A decision either way could well have a galvanizing effect on one or both sides. Join us as we breakdown the arguments, try to glean how the justices might vote and consider what happens next.


Joan Biskupic

Legal affairs editor for Reuters News. She has written biographies on Sandra Day O'Connor and Antonin Scalia.

Stuart Taylor

author and journalist, covering the health care case for Kaiser Health News, and a contributing editor for National Journal

Susan Dentzer

editor-in-chief of Health Affairs, and an on-air analyst on health issues for The PBS NewsHour

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