Worlwide Nuclear Security Summit

Worlwide Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama meets with more than 50 global leaders for a nuclear non-proliferation summit in South Korea: Diane and guests discuss the status of nuclear weapons worldwide and efforts to control their spread and use.

Weapons-grade nuclear material is stored at an estimated one hundred sites worldwide. Many of these sites are unsecured, leaving them vulnerable to terrorists. Leaders of 54 nations are meeting in South Korea on the second of a two-day summit on keeping nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists. But the world’s biggest nuclear concerns remain focused on North Korea and Iran, who did not attend the Summit but whose actions loom large over its participants. Diane and guests discuss the global nuclear summit and what it means for the future of worldwide security.


Joseph Cirincione

president, Ploughshares Fund

Corey Hinderstein

vice president, international program, The Nuclear Threat Initiative

Stephen Rademaker

principal, The Podesta Group, and former Assistant Secretary of State for President Bush (2002 - 2006), where he directed nonproliferation policy toward Iran and North Korea

Yochi Dreazen

senior national security correspondent, National Journal magazine

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