The 2013 House Budget Proposal

The 2013 House Budget Proposal

House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan releases the 2013 Republican budget plan: what proposed cuts and changes to Medicare signal about fiscal battles ahead.

Later this morning Republican Congressman Paul Ryan announces the House 2013 budget proposal. The plan will likely include reduced and simplified tax rates and also a premium support program for Medicare. No one expects this version to pass, but it will establish key markers in the budget battles ahead both with Democrats and Republicans. Some conservatives support seeking spending cuts beyond the cap established after months of negotiation with Democrats, and many hope the plan will scale back major cuts currently slated for the Defense Department: Please join us for a conversation on the House budget plan and election year politics.


Jared Bernstein

senior fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; former chief economist and economic policy adviser for Vice President Biden.

Vin Weber

Republican consultant, former member of Congress representing Minnesota's 2nd district (1981-93).

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

Democrat of Maryland, member of the 12-person Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

Alice Rivlin

senior fellow, Brookings Institution, vice chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (1996-99); director, White House Office of Management and Budget (1994-96); and founding director, Congressional Budget Office (1975-83).

Rep. Michael Burgess

Republican,Texas, 26th District

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