Declining Marriage Rates

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Declining Marriage Rates

Married couples make up less than fifty percent of U.S. households, and more than half of births to women under thirty are outside marriage: Why marriage is on the decline.

Men and women are marrying later, and an increasing number are choosing not to marry at all. In fact, married couples now make up less than 50 percent of U.S. households. In addition more than half of American women under thirty who become mothers are single. New statistics suggest marriage rates correlate with education levels: today those with only high school diplomas are much less are likely to be married compared to those with college degrees, a trend that many fear could serve to deepen the divide between rich and poor in this country. Join us to discuss the economic and political implications of today’s marriage trends.


Isabel Sawhill

senior fellow, Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution.

D'Vera Cohn

senior writer,
social and demographic trends project, Pew Research Center

Andrew Cherlin

professor of sociology and public policy,
Johns Hopkins University
author of "The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family Today."

Kris Marsh

professor of sociology, University of Maryland

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