Michigan and Arizona GOP Primary Results

Michigan and Arizona GOP Primary Results

The Michigan primary is a crucial test for the Romney presidential campaign: What results there and in Arizona signal for the Republican presidential nomination battle ahead.

With much needed primary wins yesterday in Arizona and Michigan, Republican presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney is back on top. The results give him much needed momentum as the focus now shifts to next week's votes in 10 states, Super Tuesday. Former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum, who came in a close second in Michigan, had the support of Tea Party activists and evangelicals. His campaign claims his strong showing there demonstrates his ongoing appeal to conservative elements of the Republican party: What yesterday's results mean for the GOP race ahead.


Chris Cillizza

author of The Fix, a Washington Post politics blog, and managing editor of PostPolitics.com.

Susan Page

Washington bureau chief for USA Today.

Neil King, Jr.

national reporter, The Wall Street Journal.

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