New Efforts to Bail Out Greece

New Efforts to Bail Out Greece

A new rescue plan for Greece’s failing economy has been agreed. What the long-awaited bailout package could mean for frustrated Greeks and the eurozone.

After haggling into the early hours of this morning, Europe agreed to a new bailout package for Greece. The package provides $172 billion in financial aid for the Greek economy. After months of teetering on the brink of bankruptcy the deal will allow Greece to avoid a looming default in March. But the deal comes with new, strict conditions. Many economists now say E.U. imposed austerity measures are strangling the Greek economy. Join us to discuss whether the new deal will save the Greece or merely delay a deeper default.


Scheherazade Rehman

professor of International Business/Finance and International Affairs at George Washington University

Miranda Xafa

President of EF Consulting and former board member for Greece at the IMF

Uri Dadush

senior associate and director in Carnegie’s International Economics Program, former director of international trade and former director of economic policy at the World Bank.

Stephan Richter

publisher and editor-in-chief of The Globalist, a daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and culture.

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