Friday News Roundup - International

Friday News Roundup - International

International tensions over Syria rise; the U.S. announces new sanctions against Iran; and Greek leaders agree to new measures to avoid default. Moises Naim of El Pais, Nadia Bilbassy of MBC-TV and Jonathan Landay of McClatchy join Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

Violence erupted in Greece over new austerity measures being considered by the Greek Parliament. Lawmakers must pass a new reform package this weekend before the eurozone will sign off on a new bailout deal. Two explosions hit Aleppo, a city that up to now has largely supported Syrian president Assad. Egypt’s ruling generals cracked down on western nonprofit groups that promote democracy, threatening the country’s relationship with the U. S. And the former president of the Maldives demanded new elections.


Moises Naim

chief international columnist, El Pais.

Nadia Bilbassy

senior U.S. correspondent, MBC TV -- Middle East Broadcast Centre.

Jonathan Landay

senior national security and intelligence correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers.

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