Analysis of President Obama's State of the Union Address

Analysis of President Obama's State of the Union Address

Diane and guests discuss President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Building an economy that’s built to last, reclaiming the American dream, and economic fairness: these were some of the main themes of President Obama’s State of the Union address. He spoke last night about the challenges this country faces and the teamwork he believes will be required to boost economic growth. Governor Mitch Daniels, who offered the Republican response, connected the slow growth of recent years to the President’s stewardship of a government that stifles private enterprise and fails to address staggering government debt: Join us for analysis on the speech and the presidential campaign ahead.


E.J. Dionne Jr.

senior fellow, The Brookings Institution, columnist, Washington Post and author of "Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics After the Religious Right" and of "Stand Up Fight Back."

James Thurber

professor and director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University; author of "Obama in Office: The First Two Years."

Byron York

chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner.

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