Doctor-Patient Communication in Today's Digital Age

Doctor-Patient Communication in Today's Digital Age

Many doctors are reluctant to use email beyond basic administrative tasks. For others it's become an essential tool. Diane and guests look at how some are reinventing doctor-patient communication in today's digital world.

Many Americans send email and text messages more often than they speak on the phone. Whether electronics offer the best way for doctors to communicate with their patients is in debate. Some doctors are concerned about privacy and liability issues and a loss of face-time with their patients. But doctors who favor emailing say it's a more efficient means of communication, helps build better relationships and encourages patients to take more control of their health. One recent study concluded that patients with diabetes or hypertension who communicate with their doctors via email have better outcomes. Diane and her guest discuss doctor-patient interactions in the digital age.


Dr. Joseph Kvedar

founder and director, the Center for Connected Health, Boston; associate professor, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Sam Bierstock

founder and president, Champions in Healthcare.

Dr. Steven Schwartz

associate dean of clinical informatics and a family medicine physician, Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Deven McGraw

director, the Health Privacy Project, Center for Democracy & Technology.

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