Tackling Alzheimer's Disease

Tackling Alzheimer's Disease

The White House wants to develop the first National Alzheimer's Plan: Tackling the medical and social aspects of the illness, which affects more than five million Americans.

Alzheimer’s disease affects nearly five million Americans a year. But that number is expected to triple in coming years as our population ages. The cost of treating sufferers is also predicted to rise – to $1 trillion by 2050. For many years, Alzheimer's struggled to achieve the funding levels of more prominent diseases. And breakthroughs have been few and far in between. Now, the White House has brought together a team of experts to develop a national plan of action for the illness. Join us to discuss what the new plan will mean for sufferers, their families and the medical community.


Robert Egge

vice president of public policy at the Alzheimer’s Association

Dr. Scott Turner

professor of neurology and Director of the Memory Disorders Program at Georgetown University Medical Center

Deborah Rubenstein

director of consultation, care management and counseling, Iona Senior Services

Howard Koh

Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services

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