Civil Rights in America Today (Rebroadcast)

Civil Rights in America Today (Rebroadcast)

As the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday approaches, Diane and her guests discuss the most pressing civil rights issues in America today. A look at what has been achieved and new challenges ahead.

At the recent dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C., President Obama said the slain civil rights leader would recognize many challenges our nation faces today, including neighborhoods with underfunded schools and inadequate health care. But since Dr. King’s time, much has changed. Not only African-Americans, but women, Hispanics, and homosexuals have -- and still are -- waging civil rights campaigns. And while some problems persist, great strides have been made toward equal rights, including passage of the Americans with Disabilites Act and the ability of gays to serve openly in the military. Diane and her guests discuss civil rights in America today.


Wade Henderson

president and CEO, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Hans Von Spakovsky

senior legal fellow, Heritage Foundation and manager of Civil Justice Reform Initiative

Michelle Bernard

founder, and president, Bernard Center for Women, Politics and Public Policy

Janet Murguia

president and CEO, National Council of La Raza

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