Thomas Frank: "Pity the Billionaire"

Thomas Frank: "Pity the Billionaire"

Populist anger over the 2008 financial collapse led to a rise in political conservatism. Why working-class Americans fueled a revival of the American right.

Americans responded to the Great Depression with resolve: Wall Street crooks went to prison, public works programs created jobs, and a new social safety net aided the poor and elderly. By the late 1930s, Democrats held a majority in Congress, which lasted for nearly 60 years. The 2008 financial meltdown nearly equaled the Great Depression. But the political outcome was starkly different: Republicans took back the House in 2010 as public rage shifted from Wall Street to government. Diane talks to author Thomas Frank about what he calls a "hard-times swindle," which he says fueled an unlikely conservative comeback.


Thomas Frank

author of "What's the Matter with Kansas?" and monthly columnist for Harper's magazine

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