Ban on Cell Phones While Driving

Ban on Cell Phones While Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board calls for states to ban cell phone use while driving, including hands-free. Join us to discuss efforts to address the dangers of distracted driving.

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that texting, talking or emailing on a cellphone should be banned by all states, except in emergencies. The recommendation includes hands-free devices as well. The only exception is G.P.S. navigation systems. The board made the recommendation after an investigation into a deadly road accident in Missouri involving a 19-year old driver who sent and received 11 text messages in 11 minutes just before the fatal crash. Join us to discuss the implications of this latest effort to curb dangerous driving.


Russ Rader

vice president of communications, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

David Teater

senior director, Transportation Initiatives, the National Safety Council.

Deborah Hersman

chairman, National Transport Safety Board.

Steven Yantis

chair of psychological and brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University

Horace Cooper

adjunct fellow for the National Center for Public Policy Research

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