David McCullough: "The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris" (Rebroadcast)

David McCullough: "The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris" (Rebroadcast)

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, David McCullough, tells the story of three generations of young American artists, writers, physicians, politicians, and architects who traveled to Paris in the nineteenth century. He talks to Diane about the ways they were transformed by the City of Light, and how they changed the U. S. as a result of their time abroad.

Americans have journeyed to Paris for centuries – to experience its romance, style, and culture. The visits of Jefferson and Franklin in the 1780's and Hemingway and Fitzgerald in the 1920’s are familiar to many. Historian David Mccullough’s latest book explores a group of lesser-known travelers -- three generations of talented young Americans who set off for Paris in the 19th century. They went neither as diplomats nor as tourists but to study art, medicine, and culture. And they came home with new ideas about communication, architecture, and racial tolerance. Diane and award-winning historian, David McCullough, talk about the legacy of Americans in Paris.


David McCullough

Author and Historian

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McCullough reads an excerpt from his book:

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