America’s Strategic Pivot Toward the Asia-Pacific

America’s Strategic Pivot Toward the Asia-Pacific

President Obama says the Asia-Pacific is critical to America's economic growth. Why the area is so important and what this strategic pivot could mean for the U.S. and nations in the region.

A surprise meeting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao capped off President Obama’s nine-day Asia-Pacific trip. The leaders discussed economic concerns and disputes over the South China Sea. During the week, the president fleshed out america’s strategic shift toward the Pacific Rim as it winds down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Australia, he announced an agreement to deploy marines, naval ships and aircraft to Darwin. He also announced plans to create a new regional trade pact and reopen diplomacy with Myanmar. What’s at stake for U.S. engagement in the Asia Pacific


David Lampton

professor of China studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Satu Limaye

director of the East-West Center in Washington

Graham Fletcher

deputy head of mission in the U.S., Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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