Addressing Prescription Drug Shortages

Addressing Prescription Drug Shortages

President Obama signed an executive order to ease shortages of critical medicines. But concerns remain over the ability of drug companies to meet the needs of patients.

Critical shortages of medical drugs are becoming so common we’re facing a “public health crisis” according to some in the industry. So much so it prompted President Obama to issue an executive order aimed at easing the shortages. The concern is mostly over generic drugs given by injection. But within that area, the shortages are becoming acute and widespread. More than 180 drugs have been declared in short supply this year. Many of them are vital for treating childhood leukemia, and breast and colon cancer. Join us as we discuss the impact of the shortages and the government response.


Gardiner Harris

science reporter for The New York Times and author of the mystery novel "Hazard."

Sandra Kweder

deputy director of the Office of New Drugs in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Dr. Christopher Lawlor

pediatric oncologist, Children's National Medical Center.

Heather Bresch

president, Mylan.

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