Politics Behind the Tax Code

Politics Behind the Tax Code

With economies stalling around the world, and job creation at a standstill, calls by groups like the "Occupy Wall Street" movement for the rich to pay more are gaining traction. We discuss how tensions over economic fairness are fueling the tax debate.

Over the weekend the "Occupy Wall Street" movement went global with protests in Europe, Africa and Asia. One of their main demands was: “tax the rich more”. It’s not just the protesters who think that would be a good idea. So too does billionaire businessman Warren Buffett, and many Democrats, including President Obama. But Herman Cain, the leading Republican presidential candidate, wants lower taxes across the board. His party argues that singling out high income earners is “class warfare”. We discuss the how the tax code debate has become a clash over America’s fundamental values.


Kevin Hassett

director, economic policy studies, American Enterprise Institute.

Jared Bernstein

senior fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; former chief economist and economic policy adviser for Vice President Biden.

Roberton Williams

principal research associate, the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution.

Sylvia Poggioli

senior European correspondent, NPR

Mike Dorning

White House correspondent, Bloomberg

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