"Healing at the Speed of Sound"

"Healing at the Speed of Sound"

Too much of the wrong types of sounds can be as bad for us as junk food, according to our guest today. But getting the right sound mix can improve our health, productivity and mental agility. Don Campbell, author of “Healing at the Speed of Sound” explains why a healthy sound diet is so critical to our well-being.

Stop for a minute and take note of what you can hear around you. There is the radio obviously, but you can probably also hear traffic noise, various appliances humming, maybe even someone on the phone. We are surrounded by noise: so much so that it's the second biggest environmental problem affecting our health after air pollution. That’s why author Don Campbell believes getting the right mix of sounds is critical to our well-being. He explains how a healthy sound diet can help us, our families and our workplaces become more productive, relaxed and even smarter.


Don Campbell

Co-author of "Healing at the Speed of Sound" and author of "The Mozart Effect"

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