The White House, GOP Contenders and Jobs

The White House, GOP Contenders and Jobs

GOP presidential contenders on the economy.

A White House panel offers new proposals for boosting jobs, and GOP presidential contenders weigh in on the economy: What strategies, if any,could gain traction with voters and Congress

In last night’s debate among Republican presidential hopefuls, Governor Mitch Romney seemed to shore up his position as front runner in the race. But his chief rival, at this point, Herman Cain, also gained ground. The debate focused on the U.S. economy and what each candidate would do to boost growth. Yesterday the Senate blocked President Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill. Congress is now likely to consider some elements of the bill separately. For many voters the dismal job market remains the number one concern, but so far, none of the current round of ideas seems to be gaining traction: Please join us for a conversation about politics and the economy


Chris Cillizza

author of The Fix, a Washington Post politics blog, and managing editor of

Lawrence Mishel

president of the Economic Policy Institute.

Brad Close

vice president of public policy, National Federation of Independent Business

Jim Tankersley

reporter, National Journal

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