Ellen Schultz: "Retirement Heist"

Ellen Schultz: "Retirement Heist"

An investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal reveals how large employers and the retirement industry have boosted corporate profits and executive pay at the expense of retirees' pensions and health benefits.

Funding for some of the nation’s largest private pension plans sank in September to their lowest levels since World War II. This news comes as many companies are already limiting lump sum payouts and freezing benefits to their retirees. Pensions were once considered a cornerstone of retirement, and in many cases, untouchable. But over the past two decades, companies large and small have cut employee pensions and slashed retiree health benefits -- all the while turning huge profits on those plans. Guest host, Laura Knoy, talks with investigative reporter, Ellen Schultz, about the hidden role companies play in the retirement crisis.


Ellen Schultz

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal

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