The 2012 Presidential Map

Guest Host:

Tom Gjelten
The 2012 Presidential Map

What state moves on the Electoral College and primary schedules could mean for the 2012 presidential election.

Four-hundred days before election 2012 ... and both political parties are busy strategizing. The Republican-controlled Pennslyvania legislature is considering a change in how its electoral college votes are awarded. It could be bad news for Democrats. President Obama’s team is meanwhile calculating ways to take advantage of changing demographics in the electoral map. They see some formerly red states possibly turning blue. Several Republican-led states have either passed or initiated legislation that would restrict early voting and require voters to show more identification. They say it’s necessary to limit fraud. Democrats say the measures would disenfranchise some voters. Finally, Florida jumped the queue last week. It’s holding a primary on January 31st. A panel of experts joins guest host Tom Gjelten to discuss strategies for mapping a victory path to the White House


Whit Ayres

president of Ayres, McHenry & Associates, currently polling for Jon Huntsman's Super PAC.

Bill Burton

senior strategist with Priorities USA Action, former deputy press secretary at the Obama White House.

Amy Walter

political director, ABC News.

Dominic Pileggi

Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader, Republican.

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