John Lithgow: "Drama: An Actor's Education"

 - Courtesy Harper Collins

Courtesy Harper Collins

John Lithgow: "Drama: An Actor's Education"

John Lithgow talks with Diane about the backstage history of his acting career in the years before he became nationally known. The award-winning actor relives his collaboration with renowned performers and directors and explains why he's driven to perform.

John Lithgow is well known for his oddball roles. He’s played a trans-gender ex-football player, an extra-terrestrial professor, and a serial killer, among scores of other roles. What’s less known is his life before becoming a star of stage, film, and television. John Lithgow spent a childhood on the move as the son of an itinerant actor and director. After graduating from Harvard, he eventually found success in the theater worlds of New York and London. He says it was the trappings of that success that led him to finally face adulthood in his thirties. John Lithgow talks with Diane about his backstage history and what drives him to perform.


John Lithgow

actor and author of eight books for children.

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Excerpted from "Drama" by John Lithgow. Copyright 2011 by John Lithgow. Excerpted here by permission of Harper Collins:

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