Greece and the European Debt Crisis

Greece and the European Debt Crisis

Anger mounts in Greece as the parliament votes on an unpopular new tax required by its European creditors: Join us for a discussion of the challenges ahead for the Greek government, European leaders and the global economy.

The Greek parliament voted yesterday to impose a new property tax, a measure its citizens decry but its lenders demand. Meanwhile European lawmakers are working to secure approval of a plan to expand the size of the bail out. German support is crucial, and the German parliament votes tomorrow. Political response to the European debt crisis has been complicated by the number of players and competing interests, but, many say, without forceful, unified, and bold action, it threatens not only the European Union, but the global economy as well. Please join us to discuss the Greece and the European debt crisis.


Alkman Granitsas

Athens bureau chief, Dow Jones Newswire and contributor to the Wall Street Journal

Scheherazade Rehman

professor of International Business/Finance and International Affairs at George Washington University

David Smick

global macroeconomic advisor, founder and editor of The International Economy magazine and author of The World Is Curved: Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy

Patrick Welter

economics correspondent,
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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