Shrinking Financial Aid and College Admissions

Shrinking Financial Aid and College Admissions

Rising costs and institutional pressures are forcing more colleges to seek out students who can pay the full tab. Guest host Steve Roberts and his guests discuss how fundamental changes in the admissions process may be squeezing out low- and middle-income families.

Finding a way to pay for college is becoming harder at a time when earning a degree is essential to finding a good-paying job. Lower- and middle-class families are especially feeling the squeeze. The purchasing power of Pell grants is down and subsidies for student loans are being cut. Faced with decreased state funding and the pressure to raise their profiles, colleges are fundamentally changing their admissions processes. More enrollment officers say they are seeking out students who can foot the whole bill – some of whom have lower scores than needier applicants. Guest host, Steve Roberts and his guests discuss the implications of shrinking financial aid and college admissions.


Nina Marks

president of Collegiate Directions Inc.; principal of Marks Education.

Kim Clark

senior writer for "Money" magazine.

Brian Fitzgerald

CEO of Business Higher Education Forum

Victor Sanchez

president of U. S. Student Association. He is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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