Erin Morgenstern: "The Night Circus"

Erin Morgenstern - Kelly Davidson

Erin Morgenstern

Kelly Davidson

Erin Morgenstern: "The Night Circus"

What the world needs now is … magic. At least that’s what promoters of a new novel called “The Night Circus” are betting. Author Erin Morgenstern on the inspiration for her enchanting tale.

If you liked "Harry Potter" as a kid, you’ll love "The Night Circus as an adult. That’s what early reviewers of Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel indicate. It’s the story of a life-or-death competition between two young magicians late in the 19TH century. The contest takes place at Le Cirque des Reves – The Circus of Dreams. There’s also a dreamlike aspect to how the book itself came about. Erin Morgenstern says she started with a circus and it turned into a story about choices and love, and finding the shades of grey between the black-and-white. She joins guest host Steve Roberts to talk about “The Night Circus.”


Erin Morgenstern

a writer and multimedia artist.

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